new essays: Supreme Court obscenity doctrine and physique magazine politics

Just in case anyone is keeping score, or is for any reason interested, I have a few new things out and thought I’d announce them here. Hot off the presses is the new issue of the Journal of Supreme Court History, in which I have an article called “Slouching towards Roth: Obscenity and the Supreme Court, 1945-1957.” It’s something of a preview to the upcoming book, charting the various ways the Court failed to deliver doctrine in the years (decades, really) leading up to Roth v. U.S. in 1957, but it also has material distinct from the book, including examination of a few really minor cases that I contend are nonetheless significant as windows into the Court’s protracted deadlock.

The other recent thing I have out is an essay in this great collection, Modern Print Activism in the United States:

Schreiber case

Rachel Schreiber edited it, and she brought together a great set of essays, dealing with everything from the Ku Klux Klan to Ladies Home Journal to lesbian separatist periodicals of the 1970s. My piece, “Challenging the Anti-Pleasure League: Physique Pictorial and the Cultivation of Gay Politics,” tries to take a new approach to the pioneering physique magazine; the magazine has usually been studied for its visual content, and understandably so–

z0044001 z0175007

–but my focus is on the editorial voice of Bob Mizer, which interacted with and supported the homophile movement in ways that were not always reciprocated.

So, hope anyone who checks them out enjoys them! The article is behind a paywall, and the book is priced for (I assume) libraries. But I’d be happy to help anyone without access find copies.

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