Live! Tonight! New York City!

I’ll be doing a brief reading tonight at the 2A Upstairs Lounge in the East Village, as part of a delightfully motley panel:


I’m not sure what to expect, but it should be more exciting than most academic panels that don’t include Eve Sedgwick sparking a nerd-riot with “Jane Austen and the Masturbating Girl.” Bob Rosen, author of the best-selling John Lennon bio Nowhere Man and the history/insider-account Beaver Street: A History of Modern Pornography, gave me a generous shout-out on his blog (and also called me, channeling the voice of Charles Keating, a “permissive professor dedicated to a position of complete moral anarchy.” Don’t tell David Horowitz.), so let me repay the favor by noting that I’m wrapping up Beaver Street right now, and it adds a lot to my understanding of how the biz worked in the 80s–Rosen wrote for, edited, and even posed (just once!) for a slew of smut mags beginning in the 1980s, and let me just say, there are some things you just won’t learn in the paper trails left in archives. It’s a smart, engaging read–my book might have more footnotes, but ain’t no denying, Bob’s is more fun. He’ll be reading tonight too, so come check it out!


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