Scenes from a screening in Newark


Friday was the debut screening of the Newark Movie Mixtape, and it was a real delight: perfect setting, in the lovely Riverfront Park (where Planning Director Damon Rich and Riverfront Coordinator Chris Caceres are doing some really innovative programming, from yoga to Zumba to house-music dance parties to boat tours), a great engaged crowd who seemed to dig the clips (our one cheat, a Whitney Houston music video not shot in Newark but inescapably connoting it, drew some serious applause), and the visual resonance of Newark scenes on a big screen with the actual city skyline in the background.

A decent portion of the crowd stayed the whole, somewhat long duration, too–2 hours, 8 minutes in the final cut! I’d love to tweak and revise this slightly and screen it again sometime, though it might be hard to make cuts; the only real dud, to my mind, was a long and reeeeaaaaaalllllly dull melodramatic romance scene set in Port Newark in Matt Cimber’s 1968 kitchen-sink drama Single Room Furnished. I also got a few fantastic suggestions from people in attendance, including an episode of Sesame Street (!) I hadn’t known about. I’ll have to think it through; in the meantime, some cool (IMHO) shots from the screening:

IMG_20140912_191039_542 IMG_20140912_191044_971 IMG_20140912_192224_868

IMG_20140912_192229_216 IMG_20140912_192247_277 IMG_20140912_193459_995


poorly lit action shot of my rambling introductory comments!


father of our mayor!

IMG_20140912_194904_611 IMG_20140912_203223 IMG_20140912_210000

and finally, a few shots by Damon Rich–I especially love the cinematic bridge reaching for the real one!

IMG_0862 IMG_0849 IMG_0834 IMG_0798_2 IMG_0792_2

I’m very grateful to everyone who collaborated and supported this, and also to everyone who took a chance and showed up to watch it. Here’s to future screenings!

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