Archive Fever: My Night with Fassbinder (Stallion, 1983)

I was sifting through old issues of Stallion last week, and came across this.


As far as I can tell, the only digital trace this has left is some skeevy, inordinately expensive rip-off pay-to-scan site that I won’t link to, but it seemed a loss to history to leave forgotten a nice little article about my favorite filmmaker of all time. If Google Books is to be trusted, Fassbinder’s biographers and scholars have all missed this gem!

It’s crummy quality—I only shot this for my own reading pleasure, in haste, but if you click on the images you should be able to blow them up to legibility—but hey, if you’ve ever wondered what sex was like with a hustling young R.W. in 1964, this may be your only chance to learn about a public encounter with the “little grinning troll” with a “pudgy-brutal” face. Spoiler: everyone had a good time, not everyone emerged with their wallet intact.

Unfortunately, some jerk tore out the side page which I assume contained an image of some sort, surely delicious, but the author appears to be Jon Curtis.




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